Drivers of Company Vehicles–What Impact do they have on Reputation?

The manner and way in which a company’s employees use the road can significantly harm the company’s public image and reputation.

The other day I was nearly wiped out by a truck that moved from one lane to another without indicating. Best of all, on the back of the truck was a notice with the words: “How’s my driving? Phone this number!” What a joke!

The way employees drive or ride on the road is a reflection of the company’s image, and highly visible to members of the public, many of whom may be customers of the company.  Road crashes involving company vehicles, especially delivery ones, are also very visible, especially when pictures or company names are reported in the media. Court cases following crashes or prosecutions for driving offences are also reported in the local and national media.

On the positive side, companies which are proud of their road safety performance should include details of their driver management approach, targets and performance in health and safety reports on their websites.