Dates for the next Stakeholder Reputation Management Masterclass

The next Stakeholder Reputation Management Masterclass takes place from the 4th – 5th May in Johannesburg, ZA.

Experience has shown that when relationships with any stakeholders sour, the impact on bottom line and reputation can be severe. This two day program explores ways and means to enhance reputation through better stakeholder relationships and engaging their hearts and minds.

The course will explore the best practice approach to Stakeholder & Reputation Management processes, in accordance with international best practice and will help organisations to comply with Section 8 of the King Code 3 Guidelines on Corporate Governance. The course gives a delegate the practical, experienced guidance they need for designing a successful Stakeholder Reputation Management system.

It covers stakeholder profiling, stakeholder communication, stakeholder engagement & relationship management, as well as the criteria to use to measure the success of relationships and the ROI in programs.

There is an Early Bird booking special available – 10% discount on any payment option valid until this Friday, the 8th April. All you have to do, is to go online, click YES if interested. Fill in your details and I will then follow up with you.

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This is what one of the delegates that attended the last seminar, had to say about it: ‘It is a must for any communications, marketing, Human resource, project manager, organizations …… the list goes on and on. It really gives one an edge when put what we have learned in practice. I have applied this since coming back and I have seen an increase in my relationship with the specialists who support my projects inspired to act, I have increased my rapport with them, they are going an extra mile for me as I have focused on them not me. Some of the tools I already knew however I was not applying them intelligently. You have really opened my mind to think broadly and it reinforces better planning. It helps you to connect, create meaningful bonds as you will know what each stakeholder need to know – you share what they need to know, using the right media and at the right time. You are also able to anticipate possible areas of resistance/issues and deal them upfront. If this is the only career investment I make this year, then the money is well spend.’

Let me know if you would like to join us for an insightful and interesting learning experience. Who else in your organization will benefit from attending such a program? Please forward me their e-mail details, so that I can send them the information.


12 – 13 April – Strategic Employee Stakeholder Engagement Master Class –

During this two day workshop‚ you will learn how to boost internal stakeholder engagement & communication‚ enhance professional stakeholder management processes and enhance the organisations’ quest to be an admired employer.

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