Business Reputation Seminars January & February

Thought you might like to see the list of upcoming business seminars from REPUCOMM (me) in the next two months.

Managing a consultancy or an organization’s reputation may be the most important asset a CEO and his or her team manages – as a good reputation helps a company to attract business, investors, hire and retain the best employees, partner with other leading organizations and lower the cost of capital.

Reputation must be built from the inside out, and encompasses everything that the organization says and does. Reputation is an intangible asset at risk on a daily basis. A good reputation means your name is trusted. You are considered a sound investment, purchase, partner, and employer. All of this dramatically impacts the organization’s bottom line.

My three events will equip managers with the necessary competencies to manage this asset and risk strategically and with care.

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You can register for these events online and I will do the rest.