A Caricature of Yours Truly, Deon Binneman

Deon Few Years Ago CaricatureAbout 11 years ago I was asked to do a presentation on the importance of Crisis planning at a local university. My presentation really hit the mark and soon i was asked to advise on the writing and development of this plan.

What really got Senior Management talking was my Siamese twins approach. I have always been of the opinion that a Crisis plan needs to address both the perceptual and reality elements of a crisis. Thus it is not sufficient to just have a communications plan, an Integrated plan is needed.

Anyway, I was clearing out some of my archived files when I saw this caricature done that day, about yours truly in action. Never thought I would look like the late crocodile – ‘”Die Groot Krokkedil” – The late SA State President – P.W Botha” who used to use his finger in a liberal manner. Unintentional in the least, although I was adamant in getting my message across. The days when I still had hair.

Nice drawing though, HAHAHA!

( A caricature is a simple image showing the features of its subject in a simplified or exaggerated way. A caricature is the satirical illustration of a person or a thing, but a cartoon is the satirical illustration of an idea, according to Wikipedia.