Step-by-Step: Creating Your Own Crisis Communications Kit

Chances are incredibly high that your company is going to experience a crisis of some kind in the next year. It’s how you handle that crisis that will likely determine whether that crisis builds or seriously damages your company. As 90 percent of crisis response is communication-related, I would suggest that you think about the […]

Deloitte launches crisis management smartphone application

Deloitte, the business advisory firm, has developed a new smartphone application, Bamboo, to help businesses handle disasters and crises. The new application is the first one of its kind in this field and is not reliant on mobile network connectivity to work. The smartphone application stores up-to-date disaster management procedures and action-plans in an interactive […]

Communication Is The Key To Successfully Implementing Any Large-scale Organizational Change

I firmly believe that communication is the key to successfully implementing any large-scale organizational change. Whether you are implementing new systems, redesigning business processes, or transforming organization structures through downsizing and M&A, effective communication is absolutely critical. A former colleague used to write, “Communication is more than the tangible vehicles and tools that convey information; […]

Minimise Reputation Risk by Complying with the Consumer Protection Act

Yesterday I had the opportunity to facilitate a workshop on Reputation Risk and the Consumer Protection Act at a conference held at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways, Johannesburg by the Intelligence Transfer Centre ( Not wanting to overdo the legalities of the Act itself (since that was covered by other speakers) I focused on the […]