Why Writing Concisely is Crucial

So, I started this piece by using the word brevity, then I thought to myself, who knows that word.

Concise and exact use of words is crucial in communication, just try and decode the following:

“We respectfully petition, request, and entreat that due and adequate provision be made, this day and the date herein after subscribed, for the satisfying of this petitioner’s nutritional requirements and for the organising of such methods as may be deemed necessary and proper to assure the reception by and for the said petitioner of such quantities of baked products as shall, in the judgement of the aforesaid petitioner, constitute a sufficient supply thereof”.

I guess a point can be made for the KISS method in writing – Keep it simple and short.

No wonder swear words abound. It fits the KISS description accurately.

As one professor once said:” Why use a twenty five cents word if a five cents one will do”.

The above: Give us this day our daily bread.