Where do you keep your Mobile/Cell phone?

Hi Guys – I bet you have your phone in your pockets next to your aham…. family jewels…

Recently I asked a group – mostly men to remove their cellphones from their pockets. Most of them kept it close to their groins. I told them that it might be dangerous.

I guess my gut feeling was correct!

Do you believe me ? I bet you have never considered that it might be dangerous! Is it?

Says who? The manufacturers? Come on! Stay sane?

Do your homework – Check out this article.

Cellphones worse than Smoking

What worries me is when an award-winning researcher uses these words and I quote “Dr. Vini Khurana, a top British neurosurgeon and medical researcher, is trying ardently to grab people’s attention about what he sees as a grave risk to health.  He has published over 30 papers; his specialty — cell phones and their links to disease.  He has reviewed over 100 papers on the links between cell phones and cancer.  His latest research, currently under peer-review prior to journal publication, emphasizes a strong link between cell phones and tumors.

Not one to shirk from using strong language on the topic, Dr. Khurana states controversially, “Mobile phones could have health consequences far greater than asbestos and smoking.”

Surely a professional will not risk his own reputation in making a statement he cannot back up. I guess there are a lot of peer reviewers agreeing or disagreeing.

Just read the article and let me know what you think.