What It Means To Be A Professional

The definition of a professional is to adhere to the many standards of your career area (written, unwritten, ethical and otherwise) regardless of where and when or for whom you work.

I recently had to ask delegates to do this.

Please take a moment to reflect on your own behaviour since the workshop:

  1. Have you acted as a true professional in your dealings with clients and colleagues?
  2. Have you executed your tasks following the maxim: ” We must do it right the first time round”?
  3. Have you maintained a professional, friendly, helpful and positive attitude at all times?
  4. Have you projected a professional self and company image?
  5. Have you conversed with all those you come in contact with – in a professional manner?
  6. Are you proud of the work that you have delivered to date?
  7. Did you demonstrate competence and integrity whilst on site?
  8. Did you carry out all your tasks to the best of your abilities?
  9. Can your Company be proud of your actions?
  10. In the final analysis, did you provide quality customer service?

Only you can answer these questions. Be honest with yourself. All development starts with self development. It starts with you.

The process of developing yourself is the hallmark of being a true professional.