What are staff saying about your company?

Loyalty means letting others know that what we belong to is an important part of us. It means standing up for that which we value and the people we work with to achieve those values.

But sometimes it is not that easy. Companies alienate us through their culture and the way they treat us. Often acting as an ambassador does not come easy. But each of us represents the company we work for. The way we dress, talk, act, and feel express the reality of the company to outside stakeholders and the world at large.

It has been estimated that each employee know about 250 other people as a result of business, social, and family contacts. These contacts look upon us as the most reliable source of information about our company. So what we say about our company helps to provide a lasting image in others people’s minds?

Many corporate communication and change efforts seem to not address or evaluate this. Here are some ideas on how to address this issue:

– Plan carefully what actions you want from the employees. Example: All employees will feedback negative comments about the organisation.

– What can we do to measure how employees see, feel or think about the organisation?

– What incentives can we use to help employees project a positive company image?

– How can we prevent employees from spreading negative stories about the company to friends and the community?

For more information on how to conduct employee climate & culture surveys e-mail deonbin@icon.co.za. If you do not know what your employee stakeholders are thinking, saying or portraying you can damage your organisation most important and valuable asset – its good name, its hard-earned reputation.

I believe that if employees understood the nature and importance of a good reputation they will take a different view on what they say and do. It is as simple as that.

The moment we assume that employees know we leave things to chance. During the past 11 years of running workshops I have had thousands of delegates come to me afterwards stating that they did not know or ACTIVELY thought that their reputation and that of the organisation is at stake.

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