Using Twitter as a Business Tool

My request for ‘When will you tweet me?’ invoked quite a response amongst South African readers of my Powerlines newsletter, and I thought that these links and information will be of interest to you.

Twitter is a useful tool for on the spot market research and sharing of resources. I found this new software called TBUZZ. It allows me to share any useful links that I come across, by just clicking on it. It will tweet the link to Twitter. This link will take you to my page. Just hit "follow" under my picture.

If you are not sure about why you should be on Twitter, e-mail me at deonbin at I will provide you with a detailed guide on its use. Twitter currently has the fastest uptake of any social networking tool ever in the world. It’s use is growing faster than blogging, Facebook and most definitely MySpace.

Before you dismiss Twitter as just another business fad, take a look at its application in business –

I love what someone tweeted the other day namely that Twitter is not a social networking tool, it is a super fast information search and learning tool. In fact, it has become my preferred learning tool, as it chunks learning into digestible learning size bytes, for me anyway.

I’ve just started running TwInbox from TechHit to keep up with Twitter through Outlook 2007. It has a really simple install routine.

However, I do recommend you setup a new folder for tweets before you log in into TwInbox and pay attention to the options menu and specify that folder for your tweets otherwise Twinbox will flood your Outlook inbox with tweets.

While Twitter clients like TweetDeck and Hootsuite are popular, web workers who live in Microsoft Outlook should appreciate this add-in’s clean integration and toolbar that makes all  Twitter commands easily accessible.

My initial experience with TwInbox is favourable and I look forward to exercising more of its features. It is available as a free download.

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