Tip Sheet: Do you want to improve your Reputation amongst your stakeholders?

Then work at it, but work smarter and not harder.

Here are some tips to enhance your organisation’s reputation amongst its various stakeholders.

When I run my workshops on Corporate Reputation I use an exercise called “Peeling the Onion” with my audience. The idea is to apply these questions to the main drivers of reputation. The drivers consist of the following:

Emotional Appeal (Credibility)

Social Responsibility (Community Reputation)

Products & Services (Quality & Dependability)

Financial Performance

Vision and Leadership

Workplace Environment

The idea is to re-evaluate all the messages, images and experiences that individuals, stakeholder groups and the wider community receive about an organisation and its products over time.

Here are some of the questions that you may find useful to raise at your next Board meeting:

– Are you doing enough to tell your story? Are you repeatedly getting your message across to analysts, the right media, the right stakeholders and “influentials”?

– What else can be done to build, sustain and protect your organisation’s reputation?

– How distinctive is your Reputation from the rest of the Industry’s reputation?

– How accurate and consistent are the images that we project to our different stakeholders?

– How can we strengthen our relationships with these various stakeholders?

– Evaluate the way your organisation currently manage Reputational Risk. Is it still appropriate?

– What are the issues and problems at Board, Business Unit and departmental levels?

– What policies, systems, procedures, rules, regulations, actions and behaviour are not consistent with your organisation’s desired reputation?

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