The Value of Doing Nothing

I learnt a lot on Good Friday.

Got invited to visit friends on a farm where they were bass fishing. I ended up doing nothing. No mobile phone, no e-mails, no books.

And, you know what I learnt. Yep, you have got it. The Value of Doing Nothing.

Right now I feel liberated. Tired from the sun and fresh air. But my battery seems charged. Not enough but a start.

Now I know there is a story that says that to do nothing in an organization you have to be very near to the top. Or the other one that says that the only reason men go fishing is because their wives will not let them sit at home and do nothing. But it honestly was nice.


The only problem in leaving there is that I felt just like Tony Soprano in the hit TV series – The Sopranos when I had to leave. This time I left and the ducks remained behind.