The Importance of Persistence

Dr. Laura Schlessinger tells the following story: "Guy comes to the guru in the road and says, "Guru, which way is success?" Guru points off silently, because gurus don’t talk when they’re wearing white robes.

Guy goes off in that direction and then you hear SPLAT. Guy comes back, a little bloody, a little worn, his hair’s messed up. Says, "Guru, which way is success?" Guru points in the same direction. Guy takes off. Bigger SPLAT this time. Guy comes back crawling, nails broken and bleeding, dragging himself along the ground.

This time he grabs the guru by the collar, yanks him about and says, "Guru, which way is success?"

Guru points off in the same direction. Guy gets hostile and crazed and yells, "I went that way twice and all I got was SPLAT SPLAT!"

"What is the way to success?" Guru finally speaks." Success is that way, he says, "Just a little bit past SPLAT.

2137729430_11b29f9164_b There is a saying that " The power to shape the future is earned through persistence."

No other quality is as essential to success. No matter what endeavour you choose, persistence is what will overcome all obstacles. In your communication campaigns it will be persistence in getting the message across that will be the deciding factor in achieving a successful outcome.

How persistent are you in your communications? Have you tried to impact all my senses? My visual, auditory and kinaesthetic sense, as well as my sense of taste and smell, where possible?

Does your message take into consideration latest research on learning and brain research and linguistics?

( Footnote: Persistence is also reliant on the Cycle of learning and the quote: Repetition is the mother of skill)