The Importance of Leverage Points

Researchers in systems thinking speak about leverage points – those small, well-focused actions that can, when used at the right time and in the right place, produce significant, lasting benefits exponentially beyond the effort required to take the action step itself.

What are the benefits of leverage points?

  • How can a person learn quickly and efficiently? By learning from others what works for them. By implementing best practice techniques.
  • How can you benchmark your own efforts? By measuring yourself against what others are doing.
  • How can you increase your chances of success? By leaning from those who are successful you can shorten your own learning curve and the path to success in your chosen endeavor.

Consider the alternative!

  • Trial and error
  • A Long Learning Curve
  • Going to a bookshop and/or library and reading all the books on reputation management and consulting until you believe you are competent.

In my workshops, newsletters and blog posts I share tips, tools and techniques that provide leverage points for my audience. Look out on Twitter and LinkedIn for the tips I share.

Hashtags #MYP – Consulting Marketing Tips/ #SRM – Stakeholder and Reputation Management Tips

Example: #MYP Tip – What products could you develop for yourself and sell so that you are not bound to specific trading hours?

Example: Quote – “Constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself-” – Elon Musk. I have always been interested in how to do things faster and more elegantly, especially since I operate as a one man business and have to do everything myself. I favor the GTD method of David Allen, and use the 3-most important things method. I find the GTD Weekly review of great value in managing my practice and life.

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