The Importance of Doing It Now

j0401599 One of the people that had the biggest impact on my life and career was a small Italian professor called Leo Buscaglia. All though I never had the opportunity to meet him, his videos and books influenced my life. (Especially the book – Living, Loving & Learning)

In one of his videos he recited a poem that struck us all with its message. Apparently it was written by someone whose loved one did not return from Vietnam.


Remember the time I borrowed your brand new car and I dented it,

I thought you’d kill me – but you didn’t

And remember the time I asked you to take me to the beach And you said it would rain,

And it did –

I thought you’d say I told you so – but you didn’t

And the time I forgot to tell you that the dance was formal –

And you showed up in jeans – I thought you’d tell me how angry you were – But you didn’t

And the time I flirted with all the guys to make you jealous

And you were –

I thought you’d leave me – but you didn’t

And the time I spilled Blueberry Pie on your brand new car rug,

I thought you’d smack me – but you didn’t.

Yes there were lots of things you didn’t do

But you loved me, and you cared for me, and you put up with me

And there were so many things I wanted to do for you when you came back from Vietnam – But you didn’t.

If there is something you need to do, do it now, because tomorrow may never be there