The Impact of the Green Scorpions

I just read an article in the South African newspaper, the Beeld about the  appointment of another 20 Green Scorpion members.

For those of you who don’t know, the Green Scorpions are South Africa’s version of environmental policemen.

What caught my attention is that there had been 900 arrests and 134 successful court cases since the inception of the Scorpions in 2005. Minister Marthinus van Scalkwyk, the Minister for Evironmental Affairs stated that there seems to be a perception that environmental transgressions are only minor misdeeds.

If that is the case, I feel sorry for many organisations. These days with global warming and sustainability issues being very prominent, it will deem any organisation in good stead, if it revisits its approach and compliance with the lastest best practice environmental standards.

After all, your organisation’s reputation can be destroyed through negligence or out of date practices.For instance, does your organisation have an e-waste program?

To what extent is Safety, Health & Environmental issues integrated in your organisation or is it still dealt with in silos? This reminds me, a week ago there was an insert in a TV program called Carte Blanche about uranium and acid water in a dam and river here in Johannesburg.

The environmental staff of a mine kept on referring to the fact that they are dealing with a legacy of the past. Didn’t come across as very convincing to me.

Stakeholders will hold you responsible.IN today’s age you can longer plead ignorance.Surely companies do environmental and issue scanning.

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