The Difference between Deciding and Doing

Five fledglings are in the nest. Four decide to spread their wings and soar away. How many are left?

Answer: five.

Why? Because there’s a difference between deciding and doing!

Moral: Decisions are only one-half the story. It is all about execution. Check out Morita’s theory. Ever heard of him? A Japanese psychiatrist whose work is brilliant and thoughts pragmatic – IMHO! According to him action is more important than words. I agree. The general opinion is that it takes action to make a difference.

However the difficulty often lies in the desire to change. Anthony Robbins says that change can happen in an instant, but it is the time leading up to change that can take a long time. On his CD Unlimited Power he talks about the fact that Power comes from action.

Dr. Wayne Dyer narrates an interesting story about people’s desire for change.

"Alcohol is an evil beyond compare," said the preacher as he stood before a group of alcoholics.

On the platform he had what appeared to be two identical containers of clear fluid. He announced that one contained pure water and the other contained undiluted alcohol. He placed a small worm in the container filled with water and everyone watched as it swam around and headed for the side of the glass and finally crawled to the top of the glass. He then took the same worm and placed it in the container with alcohol. The worm disintegrated right before their eyes.

"There," said the preacher, "What is the moral?"

A voice promptly replied: "If you drink alcohol, you will never have worms."

Human nature generally resists change because change is uncomfortable, unpredictable, stressful and difficult. When we view change as urgent and important we will view it positively. I guess it is the same with managing reputation. It is the domain of the PR Department – isn’t it?

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