The Dead has arisen!

The Dead has arisen! Not really! But after a hiatus, my blog is active again.

I know it has been some time that I have posted anything, but as the words say:"It is better to keep quiet and let people think you are a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!". The problem was that I was tired. Tired of working. Tired of thinking. I wanted to Rest!

And rest I did!And it was wonderful! BUT now with my batteries recharged, I am up to anything that life will bring.

Even though I took a rest from active consulting, it did not mean that I kept quiet. I have established a presence on Facebook (deonbinneman), started Twittering ( and am now contactable on Windows Live (IM), so we can communicate in real time.

In the short time that I was inactive in cyberspace, many things happened in the political and business world.In South Africa, the ANC elected Jacob Zuma as their party president, putting the current South African State President Thabo Mbeki in a difficult spot.Be that as it may, it is an interesting case study of leadership, communication styles and stakeholder thinking.

Mr Zuma’s approach has been to get closer to the people in the street, as opposed to Mr Mbeki’s aloof approach. An approach which shows the importance of balanced stakeholder relationship management. The lesson is that it is dangerous to favor one stakeholder over another, or worse to lose contact with that stakeholder.

Elsewhere in Africa, chaos and bloodshed broke out in Kenya after a closely fought and questionable election. What a pity that violence has to reign again! It just seems that Africa as a continent will not learn. WE seem to be our own worst enemy.Again, we do our own Reputation Proud.

A Reputation of political intolerance and resort to the sword, when things do not go our own way.

We complain, cry and accuse when investment in this beautiful continent is not forthcoming, yet we conveniently forget that the investment stakeholders will favor security, potential for growth and minimal lack of risk when making their choices. In Zimbabwe Mr Mugabe is carrying on relentless, damaging that country’s economy further and further.

In South Africa, crime is carrying on relentless. It seems so naive when the authorities state that it is not a problem. Yet when you open the papers on a day to day basis, there are pages and pages dedicated to crime. Is this irresponsible reporting? I doubt it!

Truth of the matter is that we live in a 24 hour media connected information rich society. If there is one vital lesson that I think governments and companies did not learn in 2007, it must be this fact. WE can read. We have EYES. We, the people are not stupid.

Be truthful, honest and open.If you do something or cannot do something. Communicate quickly, often and direct.

We appreciate that!

If there is something from the Web in 2007 that really stood out to me it must be the interactive video – The Story of Stuff.

Do yourself a big favor and watch the interactive movie at The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard" is an engaging new short film that explains the "materials economy" in 20 fun-filled minutes. Yes, fun-filled. It features amusing graphics, lots of humor, and a complicated analysis presented in an easy-to-understand conversational tone. You’ll have to watch the film to enjoy the humor — there’s no easy way to convey the playful cartooning with serious purpose. But I guarantee chuckles even for the most austere.

It contains a vital lesson for us all. If you do not know how various pieces fit together in a system, you can be deceived.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity and wish you a wonderful, peaceful and prosperous 2008.

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