Reputation Risk also has a Visual dimension

 Eskom New CDI walked into a shop this afternoon when I saw something that made me laugh and think.

Immediately I asked the shopkeeper to share a copy with me.

Cartoonists and Graffiti artists display their dissatisfaction about situations through their graphic actions. So do we, when we show taxi drivers the finger.

The Chinese has a saying that water will always find a way. Activists are no longer who you think they are. We have artists, blogger’s, mobile phone users, Facebook commentators and even old people using technology.

Even a Shopkeeper with imagination.

So what are you going to do when you see these cartoons or satirical outbursts? Tear them off the wall like they used to do in the Cold war? Spray Paint the Graffiti?

Meanwhile our electrical utility have been bearing the brunt of jokes and ridicule. However it seems as if they are now going to arise funds in a most unusual manner. Unfortunately there is a delay in deliveries to music shops.

Are there any songs you would like to add to this list?

From a Reputation Protection perspective I wonder how many organizations have bothered to define the actions aggrieved stakeholders will take when their expectations are not met.

In my Stakeholder Reputation workshops I define for the audience the word Reputation as the reflection of an organisation over time as seen through the eyes of its stakeholders and expressed through their thoughts, words & actions.

In the same vein Reputation Risk emerges when the reasonable expectations of stakeholders are not met.

Gestures such as the Nazi sign, the union’s clenched fist and the average person’s finger is expression of beliefs, interests or anger.

Reputation Managers should monitor these actions as well. Humour is a wonderful thing – it sometimes elegantly get a message across. Like above.

When I was at school Elton John had a hit song with ”Don’t let the sun go down on me”. Imagine that – Al Gore! Mother Nature decides a Power Outage is OK!