Reputation permeates everything a Company does

What is the purpose of Corporate Governance? Compliance? Enterprise Wide Risk Management? Corporate Responsibility? Positive Company Actions and Behaviours?

In the book, the 7 Habits of Highly Successful people, Stephen Covey writes that a person should always start with the end purpose in mind.

So what is the end purpose of the questions that I just asked?

The end purpose is to be well regarded in the mind of the stakeholder, so that we can do business and achieve our goals.

If an Investor regards us in a positive manner, they will invest in our company.

If employees regard as a preferred employer, they will want to work for us. And in a business to business relationship, people will want to do business with you.

Ralph Larsen CEO Johnson & Johnson said: “Reputations reflect behavior you exhibit day in and day out through a hundred small things. The way you manage your reputation is by always thinking and trying to do the right thing every day

So next time that you engage in your normal responsibilities as an employee, remember that the same principles applies to you. No matter the type or size of the task, always start it with the end purpose in mind.

The next time that you engage with a stakeholder, remember the end purpose.