Powerlines 75 now available!

Powerlines Newsletter Number 75

Compliments of the season to you! I trust that you had a wonderful rest and festive season.

The latest version of Powerlines, my strategic reputation newsletter is now ready for your downloading and reading pleasure. The 75th edition contains a number of articles that will be of real interest to you, if you believe that reputation is your organization’s largest asset and risk at any one time.

If you cannot access the link, send me a request and I will e-mail you the newsletter in PDF format.

First of all I feature an extract from the important report that was issued late last year by the Conference Board in America entitled “Recommendations on How Boards of Directors Can Safeguard Corporate Reputation”. To this report I have added some of my own comments and suggestions. In fact, I would seriously recommend that this article extract becomes essential reading for your senior management.

Then I have some lessons for manufacturers in the light of all the product recalls, there is a recommendation about a brilliant interactive movie called The Story of Stuff – a must read and link if you are interested in sustainability; and finally there are some interesting links, tidbits of news and news about the dates for our next round of popular workshops.

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