New Book on How to Measure Relationships – Now in Final Proofing and Available for Download at No Charge

I am currently reading the pdf version of Katie Delahaye Paine’s new book "Measuring Public Relationships" .

This book is a practical guide to hands-on public relations measurement. As public relations professionals realize, PR measurement is a multi-disciplinary combination of communications, research and statistical methods, social psychology, and office politics. Katie Paine’s new book adds the study of human relationships to the mix—a theme that’s always been present, but that is now far more accessible thanks to the recent development of practical survey techniques for measuring relationships. Katie’s book is now almost ready to be printed, and interested readers can download it as a pdf file here.

I would like to quote from this book: "While every PR program is different, all professional communicators have a core set of key publics that they need to build relationships with, collectively known as the stakeholders. These include, among others: the media, employees, customers, distributors or sales force, the local community, and elected officials. Each stakeholder group requires slightly different measurement tools and slightly different metrics. That’s why this book is organized around the stakeholders—each with its own chapter and its own procedures and advice. When you’re done reading this book,you’ll know how to measure relationships with most any key public that your job involves"

This book will be essential reading for any Stakeholder Manager. Another execellent resource that should be on a Stakeholder Manager’s bookshelf is the book The Performance Prism – The Scorecard for Measuring and Managing Business Success by Andy Neely, Chris Adams & Mike Kennerley.

Thse two texts will equip you to make meaningful suggestions about relationship building in the organization.

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