My 2017 In Review

An Introspective View of my Accomplishments

This is a review of my 2017 year and it includes a glimpse of my biggest accomplishments in 2017.

My personal highlight for 2017 was being invited to not only be one of four keynote speakers at the BCI 2017 in London, but also to facilitate a Crisis Management workshop at the same event that was oversubscribed. The BCI is the world’s largest conference on Business Continuity and was attended by more than 650 delegates from across the globe. I closed out the conference with a presentation on managing Reputation Risk.

I visited Lesotho where I trained the newly formed .Ls Board on Governance, Risk and Ethical Behavior and facilitated a Strategic PR program in Mauritius, my first visit to this stunning country.

In August, I spoke at the International Fresh Produce Marketing Association’s 7th annual Fresh Connections Conference at the Cape Town Convention Centre on “Building your Brand as an Employer to Attract the Best Talent” in and I participated in a panel discussion on Responsible Sourcing.

I learnt a lot at this event about responsible farming practices and met up with some friends from the NSF, who are experts in the food safety arena (I bet you the Listeria case are interesting them big time).

Early December, I visited the SA Parliament where I trained fifty managers from the South African Parliament in Stakeholder Reputation Management Skills.

Health & Safety Education continues to be a passion of mine and I facilitated more than 30 workshops at organizations in the Facilities and Insurance sector, on behalf of Scott-Safe, an ISO 9000 Legal Compliance Company. For those who don’t know, I have been involved with Scott-Safe in a consulting capacity for more than 20 years. Facilitating these workshops are always an enjoyment, as the audience are always so appreciative of learning not just workplace health and safety skills, but knowledge and skills that they can use at home and on holiday.

My training and speaking services continues to be in high demand and I trained overseas visitors from Malawi, Kenya and Uganda on Crisis Management & Crisis Communication matters, on behalf of Intelligent Africa, a marketing and training company that develop, market and manage training programs and conferences to both the private and public sector throughout Africa.

I facilitated a session for the 5th year at the Compliance Institute’s annual Mentoring workshop for upcoming Compliance Officers, and was quoted in a leading article in international media.

I also worked with more than 50 professional services providers on how they can market their practices, build their reputations and thought leadership. I was quoted in an article “Brand Repair: Recovering from a Corporate Crisis” in the international Risk & Compliance magazine.

On a side note, I again discovered that small things can really impact. I did not feel well all year and it was eventually traced to a tooth that had to be removed in November. I now feel as if I had a heart transplant, all my energy levels have nicely returned.