Mattel’s Product Recall Lessons

In my blog posts of 15 September 2009 and; I discussed the importance of product recalls and the type of planning and preparation that needs to be done to make this process a success.

The following video, although of low quality is a must watch and features Bob Eckert, CEO of the world’s largest toy manufacturing company and he has some real lessons to share about this process, including some real reputation risk reduction lessons using adequate communication and crisis preplanning and the risks that emerge from subcontracting.

Those readers who are interested to learn more about product recalls and the steps needed to prevent unnecessary reputation risk, will want to attend a special workshop that will be held on the subject at the end of July in Johannesburg, South Africa.

What: 27 July – A Product Recall Workshop (Planning for and Managing a Recall)
The challenges of dealing with a product recall is immense and resource challenging. Not only is there the challenges of dealing with the recall itself but the challenges of communicating with all stakeholders and minimising reputational fallout is high. The Toyota and now wider recall issues in the motor vehicle industry (Honda, Land-Rover, etc) is serving a warning to other operators and manufacturers in other industries of the need to prepare for a recall long before if it happens. The issues in dealing with a recall goes back long before the actual recall event. Prior preparation, risk management, attention to quality and communication issues need to be addressed, and will be scrutinised if such a recall ever takes place. Since a recall is always a possibility despite of quality controls and risk management, companies are well advised to plan to handle potential recalls well in advance, as handling product recalls professionally can go a long way to safeguard reputation.
When: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 (all day)
Where: Hotel Indaba

Johannesburg, Gauteng   South Africa

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