It does not matter where you sit in a plane crash!

In the highly unlikely event of an emergency, does it really matter where you sit?

According to Australian aviation safety expert, Professor Ed Galea, sitting near an emergency exit not only soothes sore limbs but can also save your life. This conclusion is based on a study of over 105 plane crashes and 2,000 survivor reports. Mr. Galea found those who survived were within seven seat rows of a serviceable exit.

Another study of every U.S. commercial jet crash in the last 37 years revealed the further you sit at the back of the aircraft, the higher your chance of survival. Studying crash data from 20 accidents, the magazine found that passengers in the rear of the plane are 40 per cent more likely to survive than those in the first few rows. Comparing survival rates in four sections of an aircraft, results proved in 11 of the 20 crashes, rear passengers fared better, with only five accidents favoring those sitting forward. Popular Mechanics magazine

But according to passenger physiologist Professor Helen Muir, England, it doesn’t really matter where you sit. “They’re unpredictable events, so you never know whether it’s going to be a crash landing or whether you’re going to have a fire in one of the engines. And this means you can’t say where’s the best place to sit,” Prof Muir told the BBC.

It reminds me of the humour that went around many years ago when nuclear power stations were launched and the fear of nuclear attack was high.

What are you suppose to do in a nuclear attack? These were the instructions.

1. Sit in your chair

2. Bend forward from the waist.

3. Look up and kiss your backside goodbye!!!

I guess it really does not matter where you sit! If it is your time it is your time.