How Many Of These Crisis Books Have You Read?

Here a few books about Reputation and Crisis Management in my collection. How many of these are in your collection?

These books are just a small selection of what I have in my personal library.

The book right at the top The Crisis Counselor : A Step-By-Step Guide to Managing a Business Crisis by Jeffrey Caponigro is one of my all-time favorites.

Casti’s “X-Events” is another thought-provoking book that is worth reading.

X-events are rare, unexpected events–Ugly Black Swans to modify the famous phrase popularized by Nicholas Taleb–that cause a system to shift abruptly and perhaps catastrophically from one state to another. The classic examples would be an asteroid strike or a super-volcano. Casti mentions these natural X-events only in passing, preferring to focus on possible collapses caused by human activity.

The author is an expert on the science of complexity, and his central thesis is that “complexity overload is the precipitating cause of X-events” (p. 299), at least those caused by human activity. Weaving concepts from Nicholas Taleb’s “The Black Swan” into his narrative, Casti explores several plausible X-events: the failure of the Internet, breakdown of the global fuel supply system, widespread destruction of electronics by Electro-magnetic pulse, destruction of the planet by the creation of exotic particles, nuclear war, decline of world oil supplies, global pandemic, failure of the electric grid, disruption of water supplies, uncontrolled spread of nanotechnology (the infamous “gray goo”), and collapse of world financial markets.

All these books provide much food for thought.