Chickens, Supply Chain Risk & Reputation

Just read an article

Due to the appalling way 1 day old hatchlings have been reported to have been treated the major chain store Woolworths has cut all ties with Jan Serfontein and his son, Jan. They are one of the country’s three biggest chicken farms, Boskop Layer Chickens.

Kevin Korb, Pick n Pay food merchandise director said, Pick n Pay immediately wrote to all its eggs suppliers after the TV programme was aired that exposed "the cruel and inhumane manner in which one-day old male chicks were disposed of" ….

This is an excellent response, but it still raises questions about unethical business practices and issues of sustainability practices and monitoring of suppliers.

Chain stores and other organisations must wake up and realise that their reputation can be tarnished by who they are in bed with.

Supply Chain Risk can have an impact on an organisation’s reputation.