A Clean Keyboard – A Sign of a Sick Mind?

The picture above first appeared on the website: http://www.geekarmy.com/geeks/Nasty-Keyboard.html

What does your desk look like? Your keyboard?

Is your desk a filing cabinet, a trophy case or a museum?

Did you know that your desk is not just a worktool, but also a reflection of your work habits?

A clean desk falls into a category of Health & Safety called Housekeeping.

Housekeeping is more than just sweeping the floor and wiping dust off a desk, machines and equipment. Cleanliness is only a part of housekeeping. The most critical and most overlooked part of housekeeping is ORDER. A work area is in order when there are no unnecessary objects in the area and when all necessary items are in their proper places.

A workplace is not considered to be in order simply because “there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.”

Do you use your desk area for storage? Do you keep supplies in the area because “they’ll be needed one of these days?” If there is one item in an area that is unnecessary or not in its proper place, then you do not have order. ( Just examine the average offices ).

Order is maintained, not achieved. You cannot put an area in order and then forget about it. A daily conscious effort by everyone working in the area is necessary to maintain order. Order also must be obtained throughout the day. If you wait until the end of the day and then place everything in order, what good did it do you during the day? Disorder wastes time, energy and materials.