10 Ways to Damage your Organization’s Reputation


1. Manage Reputation haphazardly. Operate by the seat of your pants and only respond to issues as they get published or emerge.

2. Delegate more than 50 % of your share price’s value to a handful of people in a Communications/PR department. Expect them to positively influence share price through the use of cleverly crafted media releases.

3. Never plan for the eventual crises that will hit any good organisation. Believe that any good manager will be able to make the right decision under any circumstance.

4. Never scan the internal or external environment for vulnerabilities. Operate under the assumption that since this is a world of rapid change, change is inevitable therefore you will deal with the hand of fate as it occurs.

5. Build reputation through the use of advertising and Marcom campaigns. Operate from the assumption that a good reputation is not created from the inside out.

6. Treat your internal stakeholders as cost centres, and not as the instruments through which you attain that enviable reputation.

7. Never take a look at the organisation through the eyes of a stakeholder. Assume that that making a profit is what business is what it is all about.

8. Assume that intangibles are exactly that. It is intangible therefore they cannot be influenced or impacted upon. Never try to measure it.

9. Treat the words ethics, transparency, accountability and sustainability with contempt. Believe that you are only there to make a profit and that you owe only your shareholders.

10. Treat your own reputation and that of your organisation as if it is just another word. Disagree with Warren Buffet’s words: “If you lose money for this firm I will understand, but if you damage our good name I will become ruthless!

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