Become a Sponge – Why you Should attend Many Training Events

Years ago I heard a statement that there is nothing as practical as a good theory! There is also another angle that everyone should consider in their learning curve. To use an analogy the river runs deep in place, wide in others and shallow in some areas. Thus some speakers or trainers will use different […]

A New Look at the Acronym SWOT

The acronym SWOT is often associated with analysis at the organisation level. However, I have adapted (see below) and used the technique at the team (or group) level, as well the individual level: S = Strengths = What are we/you good at doing? W = Weaknesses = What do we/you need help with? O = […]

Financial Institutions do not take Risk Management seriously

I just read an interesting article in the Business Report which stated that the global financial crisis is largely the result of financial institutions not taking risk management seriously. The article contained a number of interesting pointers and is based on a KPMG survey on risk management in banks which was released on Monday. See […]