New Platform for Bloggers & Citizen Journalists adds to the Reputation Risk Mix

These days Reputation Managers no longer have to only contend with traditional media, they also have to deal with citizen journalists and bloggers and the public alike.

Now there is an addition to this mix. Enter Current TV as part of the Top TV offering.

South African bloggers and citizen journalists now have a new outlet for their creative efforts as Al Gore’s Current TV launched this weekend as part of Top TV’s entry-level bouquet offering.

Current TV chairman and co-founder Al Gore explains that the TV channel encourages submissions of content of all kinds from young videographers and citizen journalists.

With a particular passion for investigative journalism – he was a journalist himself for many years before entering politics – Gore says CTV is actively looking for news and investigative pieces.

"The accent of Current TV is on citizen and investigative journalism," he says. "I need not say how important it is to civilisation and democracy to have vigorous investigative journalism.

IT-Online – reported that Gore told them that Current TV hopes to avoid some of the legal and regulatory problems that have plagued some other blogger or citizen journalism platforms by following a particular submission process that will help raise professional standards and ensure legal compliance.

The key thing is that "Current TV is open in that the viewers themselves decide what content will go on the channel." Before content is aired on Current TV, it is first loaded on to the company’s web site,, where users critique offerings and select those they wish to see broadcast.

Anyone can submit content to Current TV, and full directions for doing so are on the site.

Reputation Managers should develop strategies to deal with all types of journalists and watch & monitor the impact of this outlet.