New Guidance from the UK on the Stakeholder Voice in Board Decision Making

United Kingdom October 2 2017 The UK Governance Institute and Investment Association have published guidance on “The Stakeholder Voice in Board Decision Making”, which aims to help company boards ensure that they understand and weigh up the interests of their key stakeholders when taking decisions. The guidance lists 10 core principles that boards should follow, […]

Making Sales at the Expense of Reputation is a No – No

Now this is interesting. Commonwealth Bank CEO Ian Narev’s annual performance review was a difficult one this year. He got a zero on his 2017 scorecard and lost 100% of his short-term bonus of $2.73 million. Yet, the head of Australia’s biggest company scored well on financial targets, having just posted a record cash net […]

What is Stakeholder Reputation Risk?

What is Stakeholder Reputation Risk and why is it so dangerous? For the past few years, Reputation Risk has featured in all the prominent Risk surveys – always as one of the top three risks facing an institution. One definition of Reputation Risk is that it is the current and prospective impact on earnings and […]

Data Breaches can cause Serious Brand and Reputation Damage

A survey from the UK by Thales has showed that 84 percent of respondents would reduce or eliminate the use of an organization’s products or services following breaches , and only 16 percent of respondents would continue to use an organization’s products or services as usual. Responses to the question “If you found out an […]

Why I Love Using Stories When Teaching Reputation Principles

Spoken Words can't be retrieved

The beauty about stories is that they are like metaphors. I once saw a study that said that metaphors appeal to both the left and the right side of the brain. I am not a Buddhist, yet am extremely fond of Zen Koans. The way I try and do it is to research before every […]

Becoming a Reputational Athlete

Always Be Learning

A ‘Reputational Athlete’ is a manager or staff member into whom reputation protection behavior has been so strongly ingrained that it becomes an automatic reflex. These are staff members who routinely would ask the following question in meetings and decision making situations – “If we do this, will it harm our Reputation”? So, how do […]


By now the story is worldwide. The Gupta family have left SA for Dubai and Oakbay Investments cannot find a banker and 7500 jobs are at stake. What is the implication of this issue on stakeholder relationships and management? The process between a President, his advisers and connections has been scrutinized and found to be […]

King 4 Advocates a Stakeholder Inclusive Approach

The Benefits of Inclusivity

In the King 3 Code on Corporate Governance guidelines, specific mention is made of the importance of stakeholder inclusivity (,i.e. that the legitimate interests and expectations of stakeholders are considered when deciding in the best interests of the company), stakeholder identification and determination of expectations and needs, the proactive management of stakeholder relationships, and that […]