Register for My Last Reputation Training for 2018

I have set the dates for the last three months of my 2018 Reputation Management Training. This training is designed to: Equip you with competencies to advance your organization and your own reputation Assist you to build, sustain and protect your organization’s most important asset in an effective and efficient manner Show you how to become a respected […]

What Makes One An Expert Or A Guru?

I once heard someone say that an expert is someone that knows 93 ways how to make love but doesn’t have a girlfriend. But the question remains what makes someone an expert? a Thought Leader? Let’s change it then – What makes someone a Master, a Sage, A Hero, a Wise one or a Guru? […]

Please Help Me to Clean Up My Database

Help me to stay compliant with best practices and current – with your expectations and needs

I want to clean up my database and ensure that I do not waste your time, as I know you are very busy person. I also want to ensure that I reach the right audience with my messages. If you receive my email newsletter Powerlines, you are currently you are in my database and I […]

Kaizen in Reputation Management

Improvement and/or Enhancement

Kaizen, is Japanese for “improvement.” When used in the business sense and applied to the workplace, kaizen refers to activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers. It also applies to processes, such as purchasing and logistics, that cross organizational boundaries into the supply chain.[1] It has been applied in healthcare,[2] psychotherapy,[3] life-coaching, government, banking, […]

New Training Offering: Online Reputation Management (Social Media Marketing) Training

Learn How To Manage Your Online Reputation & Social Media Marketing

Deon Binneman, the Reputation Go-to Guy has added Online Reputation Management Training (Social Media Marketing Training) to his list of training offerings. Said Deon: ” I certainly learned a lot immersing myself into this field, equipping myself with Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management skills and know-how since last year. I learnt a lot […]

Cricket Ball Tampering Scandal Epitomizes Lack of Understanding of Reputation Risk

The Cricket ball tampering scandal has raised important questions about the understanding of Reputation Risk by sport organizations. Not only has it damaged Australia’s fine reputation as a leading cricket playing nation, but it has irreversibly damaged the reputation of individual players. Whilst Cricket Australia can be commended for their quick response to the crisis […]

New and Emerging Issues in Reputation Management

New Opportunities for Practice Areas

More and more issues are emerging that are affecting reputation. These include sexual misconduct in the workplace, state capture, diversity, inclusion, corruption, fake news, power politics, cyber risk and school safety. The phrase ‘STATE CAPTURE’ was awarded ‘word of the year’ by eNCA who claims the phrase was used more than 20,231 times in over […]

My 2017 In Review

An Introspective View of my Accomplishments

This is a review of my 2017 year and it includes a glimpse of my biggest accomplishments in 2017. My personal highlight for 2017 was being invited to not only be one of four keynote speakers at the BCI 2017 in London, but also to facilitate a Crisis Management workshop at the same event that […]

New Guidance from the UK on the Stakeholder Voice in Board Decision Making

United Kingdom October 2 2017 The UK Governance Institute and Investment Association have published guidance on “The Stakeholder Voice in Board Decision Making”, which aims to help company boards ensure that they understand and weigh up the interests of their key stakeholders when taking decisions. The guidance lists 10 core principles that boards should follow, […]