An External Communication Policy – A Tool for Reducing Reputation Risk

I recently had a prospective client asking me to quote them on the writing of an external communication policy. I recommended a few days of work working with them, but she was of the opinion that it required only the preparation of a 2-page document (1/2 days’ worth of work). I had to carefully explain […]

Does Reputation Still Matter in a Corona World? Read this Quote and Decide for Yourself

Is Reputation Risk important? Just take a look at all the corporate and public sector scandals of the past few years coupled with legislation and numerous corporate governance codes and you will understand that building, sustaining and protecting a company’s biggest and most important asset is crucial in an era of eroding trust. Take a […]

Lessons From COVID19 – The Year of the Virus, The Unseen, The Anguish, Despair, Frustration and New Beginnings.

Like all, I suffered this year. I expected great things from 2020, but Mike Tyson was right when he said everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. But, just like the word Crisis is depicted in Mandarin as both crisis and opportunity, 2020 offered both. When the year started I was […]

Limited Time Offer: Master Consultancy Practice Marketing With This Discounted Training Bundle

Marketing your Consulting business in the New Normal is not easy. It’s no longer business as usual. Many training and consulting practices are struggling to survive. Many are trying to take their services online. Indications are that the COVID19 pandemic is going to be with us for a long time to come, and what is […]

Limited Time Offer: Use The Lockdown Period to Learn to Become a Crisis Specialist

The COVID-19 pandemic has again illustrated the need for better preparedness planning in organizations around the world. In fact a study from the UK found that two-thirds of UK organizations surveyed had no pandemic plans in place before COVID-19. Did your organization have a plan that made provision for that? The fact is companies need […]

Cyber Crises? Come on – We Have An Antivirus solution, It’s More than Enough

Data is shaping almost every area of our lives, and companies have been slow to prepare themselves for the dangers of data breaches and other AI dangers. How should a company prepare for a Cyber Crisis? a Cyber attack? A data breach? What should the company do and say to and respond to such an […]

My Recap of an Ever-changing Reputation VUCA Landscape

There is constant research in the VUCA reputation field with some every interesting results coming forth for Reputation and Crisis Managers alike. What I advise clients is to determine the golden thread i.e. the patterns and messages these research results reveal. It is interesting to read what VUCA holds for Crisis Managers as depicted in […]

Register for My Last Reputation Training for 2018

I have set the dates for the last three months of my 2018 Reputation Management Training. This training is designed to: Equip you with competencies to advance your organization and your own reputation Assist you to build, sustain and protect your organization’s most important asset in an effective and efficient manner Show you how to become a respected […]

What Makes One An Expert Or A Guru?

I once heard someone say that an expert is someone that knows 93 ways how to make love but doesn’t have a girlfriend. But the question remains what makes someone an expert? a Thought Leader? Let’s change it then – What makes someone a Master, a Sage, A Hero, a Wise one or a Guru? […]