How Inclusive is your Stakeholder profiling?

A thought provoking article in the Huffington Post called “ Even Companies That Sell Tampons Are Run By Men” got me thinking. How inclusive are your Stakeholder Profiling efforts? The King 3 Code on Corporate Governance makes specific mention of stakeholder inclusivity (i.e. that the legitimate interests and expectations of stakeholders are considered when deciding […]

I am excited about presenting Stakeholder & Relationship Management for the 2nd time on the Barloworld Leadership Development Program at GIBS (The Gordon Institute of Business).

Date: June 11, 2014
Time: 13.30 - 16.30
Event: Barloworld Leadership Development Program - Stakeholder and Relationship Management
Topic: Stakeholder & Relationship Management
Venue: GIBS
Location: Illovo
South Africa

I also facilitate a 2 - day training on Stakeholder Reputation Management. More info -

Government Relations Is Not Just about Having Contacts In High Places

Lately I have seen quite a few advertisements for Government Relations Managers that blatantly requests that applicants must have the right contacts. As if this was all that Government Relations is about. In my opinion Government Relations is much more than networking. It is about listening, engaging, communicating, lobbying, proposing and ultimately presenting your organisation’s […]

Must Read – Leading Transformation & Captivating Communities by Brian Solis

Brian Solis’s new e- book “Leading Transformation & Captivating Communities” is a must read for anyone involved in Stakeholder Management and Change Action. Here’s a quote from it: Social media has started a revolution in how people connect, learn and communicate, and its effects cannot be undone. Here is a direct link to it – […]

Understanding & Analysing Stakeholder Positions

  I am often asked what the difference is between a stakeholder interest and a stakeholder position. Here is a distinction that might help you next time when doing stakeholder or issue management analysis. Positions versus Interests Positions: What they say Where they stand How they feel Interests: Why they say it How they got […]

What is the value of Good Stakeholder Relationships?

Today’s complex business environment requires companies to build relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders. Each of these stakeholders have their own needs, expectations and positions and companies face stakeholder reputation risk if these needs and expectations are not monitored and faced. Stakeholders offer organizations both opportunity and threat. For instance if an institution has […]