What is Stakeholder Reputation Risk?

What is Stakeholder Reputation Risk and why is it so dangerous? For the past few years, Reputation Risk has featured in all the prominent Risk surveys – always as one of the top three risks facing an institution. One definition of Reputation Risk is that it is the current and prospective impact on earnings and […]

Trends, Predictions and Dot Connecting

Being well informed and able to anticipate issues and incidents are two vital skills for any budding Reputation Manager. So is the ability to see linkages between seemingly unrelated incidents and issues. This process I call dot connecting. It has its origins in systems thinking. Since December 2016 I have received countless of emails with […]

I will deliver a “Are You Deriving Value From Your Stakeholder Management Function – Tips On How To Audit Intangibles” presentation on the 9th February at the Institute of Internal Auditors South Africa (IIA SA) Public Sector Forum at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg.

Date: February 9, 2016
Time: 09.30 - 10.30am
Appearance: Institute of Internal Auditors Public Sector Conference
Outlet: Institute of Internal Auditors
Location: Emperors Palace, Johannesburg
Format: Other

Why the term Stakeholder Reputation…?

Definitions create lenses through which we view the world. Revisiting definitions is crucial to creating shared meaning. So, why do I talk and write about Stakeholder Reputation? An Organisation’s reputation is derived from its stakeholders. Their perceptions, attitudes, expectations, feelings and knowledge towards a company will influence and impact on the actions they take towards […]

Stakeholder Profiling Tips

I recently responded to a request for tips on how to profile stakeholders. Here is a quick summary that might help readers. In my Stakeholder Reputation workshops I teach these tips: 1. Create a laundry list of all stakeholders – Identify and list all stakeholders. These may be individuals, or stakeholder groups, or some combination. […]

Question – How Often Should We Profile Our Stakeholders?

I recently got asked: Dear Deon: I know stakeholder profiling is important, but surely it only has to be done once, as part of a strategic planning exercise. Any input? This was my response: Stakeholder profiling is a technique you can use to identify and assess the importance of key people, groups of people, or […]

The degree to which I can create relationships which facilitate the growth of others is the measure of growth I have achieved myself – Carl Rogers, noted Psychologist

Do you know the Golden Rule?

Do you know the Golden Rule? The ethic of reciprocity, more commonly known as the Golden Rule, is an ethical code that states one has a right to just treatment, and a responsibility to ensure justice for others. Reciprocity is arguably the most essential basis for the modern concept of human rights, though it has […]

How Inclusive is your Stakeholder profiling?

A thought provoking article in the Huffington Post called “ Even Companies That Sell Tampons Are Run By Men” got me thinking. How inclusive are your Stakeholder Profiling efforts? The King 3 Code on Corporate Governance makes specific mention of stakeholder inclusivity (i.e. that the legitimate interests and expectations of stakeholders are considered when deciding […]