Reputation Management Training In Johannesburg–Equip Yourself with Knowledge

I’d like to invite you to attend one of my training seminars that I will hold at the Apollo Hotel in Ferndale, Randburg, Johannesburg during April. As a professional person your reputation is your stock-in-trade and; for a company Reputation is its most important asset and yet, most dangerous risk. These seminars will help you […]

Reputation risk is now in its fifth straight year of topping the charts, according to one survey

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Reputation risk is now in its fifth straight year of topping the charts, according to one survey. via How to Use Captive Insurance to Manage Reputation Risk. This is what one quote from the article said: “Experience shows that many operational risks arising from potential catastrophic events – including major environmental incidents, global supply chain […]

Ethics and Compliance Programs: Questions Boards May Want to Ask to Prevent Reputation Risk

One of the 3 factors often implicated in Reputation Risk is lack of ethical behavior and compliance failure. An organization’s ethical culture and compliance program is therefore very critical to preventing Reputation Risk. Effective ethics and compliance within an organization require senior management involvement, organization-wide commitment, an effective communications strategy and an ongoing monitoring system. […]

How to Improve your Organization’s Reputation Risk Grading

A recent Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) / Forbes Insights survey of more than 300 executives across the globe reveals the paramount importance of managing reputation risk for a company’s long term success. In the “2014 Global Survey on Reputation Risk – Reputation@Risk,” a majority of companies, though confident their reputations were strong overall, expressed […]

Always Watch Out For Reputation Erosion

Always watch out for reputation erosion.

Reputation is built from the thousands of small interactions that happen with individual customers day after day. Reputation can suffer “death by a thousand cuts” and no one would notice.

Hence its always important to map a stakeholder’s journey with an institution such as a bank and define all contact points and moments of truth.

Research Reveals Major Flaw in Public Company Risk Disclosure

Pittsburgh, PA (September 10, 2013)—Companies that disclose reputation risk perform no differently than those that don’t, which means that they possess no reliable way to avoid needlessly losing billions in equity value, according to a white paper released today at a joint event sponsored by the Pittsburgh chapters of the American Marketing Association and Public […]

Spotting Signs of Impending Trouble

The recent agreement reached between the Construction Industry and the Competition Commission for collusive tendering got me thinking. (15 construction companies had agreed to pay fines totalling R1.46 billion for collusive tendering). What are the signs of impending and unavoidable doom in our businesses and why do we not see, sense them or hear about […]

Executives Need to Learn a New Style of Decision-making

Reputation Risk has been described as elusive and difficult to manage. Some have even called it “Soft issues, tangible impacts”. Why? Why is it difficult to manage? Well, for one few know how an issue or crisis can erupt. It may or may not. An issue may be material or not. To understand reputation risk […]