Hospitals should Learn from the Mandela Media Circus and Update their Crisis Plans

Here’s a question for you – When last have you conducted a dry -run or have had an independent audit of your hospital group’s crisis plan – its communication management and emergency action plans? Especially with the media furore and presence at Nelson Mandela’s hospitalisation and with the proliferation of social media tools and mobile […]

Why Bad PR Isn’t Always the Cause of Reputation Crises

Many organizations fall into the trap of always believing that Reputational Crises are caused by Bad Publicity. This could not be further from the truth. All Crises or incidents have a root cause, a catalyst that sparked it. Often we only encounter it when it appears in the spotlight. In a must read in Forbes […]

Updating of Crisis Management & Crisis Communication Response Plans

Got a call from someone asking for some help and/or a checklist on how to update their crisis crisis communication response plan. Without giving away all my knowledge for free (Hey – I also need to make money), I referred the prospective client to my Crisis Management & Crisis Communication Response Toolkit, I shared this: […]

Oh Canada: 150 hospitalized after Vancouver riots–Questions about Crowd Control

This morning the Star headline shouts – ‘Youth Day Mayhem’ – Poor Crowd Control almost leads to another tragedy’ whilst in Vancouver, Canada, 150 people are hospitalised after a crowd goes on the rampage after their team lost. On one list, a member writes: ‘We’ve got more than our share of morons, it seems, including […]