I will facilitate an OHASA workshop for Health & Safety Representatives in Welkom on the 5th June.

Date: June 5, 2014
Time: 9.00 - 15.00
Event: Health & Safety Training for Representatives
Sponsor: Scott Safe
027 11 6752210
Venue: Goldfields Mall, Welkom
Location: Cnr Stateway & Buiten Streets
Welkom, Free State
South Africa
Registration: Click here to register.

I have been training Health & Safety to Senior management and Health & safety representatives for the past 18 years on behalf of a company called Scott Safe. This is something I feel passionate about. It fits directly into Employee Stakeholder Engagement.

Hospitals should Learn from the Mandela Media Circus and Update their Crisis Plans

Here’s a question for you – When last have you conducted a dry -run or have had an independent audit of your hospital group’s crisis plan – its communication management and emergency action plans? Especially with the media furore and presence at Nelson Mandela’s hospitalisation and with the proliferation of social media tools and mobile […]

Complacency can be a Killer

I recently saw an e-mail on the OD List that I want to share verbatim with my readers and I have the writer’s permission to do so. The e-mail is written by Allon Shevat, an OD Consultant from Israel. My comments straight after this e-mail. “4 years ago, the train station where I board was […]

Practical Tips in a Strike

A Strike; planned or unplanned is just another type of crisis and deserves a great deal of preplanning and thought. Here are a few tips that might help your planning efforts: What should come to mind first of all – Is how do we service the needs of all our various stakeholders? Each stakeholders has […]

Updating of Crisis Management & Crisis Communication Response Plans

Got a call from someone asking for some help and/or a checklist on how to update their crisis crisis communication response plan. Without giving away all my knowledge for free (Hey – I also need to make money), I referred the prospective client to my Crisis Management & Crisis Communication Response Toolkit, I shared this: […]

Oh Canada: 150 hospitalized after Vancouver riots–Questions about Crowd Control

This morning the Star headline shouts – ‘Youth Day Mayhem’ – Poor Crowd Control almost leads to another tragedy’ whilst in Vancouver, Canada, 150 people are hospitalised after a crowd goes on the rampage after their team lost. On one list, a member writes: ‘We’ve got more than our share of morons, it seems, including […]