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Appearance: Deon Binneman about building your brand as employer to attract the best talent
Outlet: PMA Conference
Location: Cape Town
Format: Other

Making Sales at the Expense of Reputation is a No – No

Now this is interesting. Commonwealth Bank CEO Ian Narev’s annual performance review was a difficult one this year. He got a zero on his 2017 scorecard and lost 100% of his short-term bonus of $2.73 million. Yet, the head of Australia’s biggest company scored well on financial targets, having just posted a record cash net […]

Deon Binneman will be speaking and participating in a workshop at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Connections Conference in Cape Town 16 – 17 August. The Focus and topic – The Reputation Risk inherent in Responsible Sourcing.

Please check the Conference schedule for the times that I will speak and facilitate.

Date: January 1, 1970—August 17, 2017
Appearance: Deon Binneman to speak at the Fresh Connections Conference
Outlet: PMA Fresh Connections Conference
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Workshop on How to Market Training Programs, Seminars and Consulting Services

I will facilitate a workshop on How to Market Training Programs, Seminars and Consulting Services on the 23rd June 2017 at the Hotel Apollo in Randburg.

The workshop focuses on How to Market Training Programs, Seminars and Consulting Services in an always connected world, a world full of marketing noise and intense competition. It will answer questions such as:

  • How do you effectively market and promote the provision of selling an intangible such as a professional or training service?
  • How can you assure the client that your learning or professional solution is the one to choose?
  • How do you stand out in a market filled with noise and intense competition?

This workshop is designed to shorten a delegate’s learning curve and/or add to their existing training and marketing knowledge and expertise.

It will cover amongst many modules and tips, items such as how to stimulate your ideal audience to attend your event; how to fill up your workshops and seminars and how to market in-house training, public events, online training and your consulting services.

Access the Course Outline: http://www.deonbinneman.com/how-to-market-training-services/

Among the intended target audience for this training are:-

Business Owners of Consulting and Training Practices, Independent Service Providers, Consulting Practice and Business Development Managers, Trainers, Facilitators, Staff involved in the marketing and selling of training and related services and products: From across all industries.

The December 2016 was a sell-out.


I also facilitate NQF approved Corporate Governance and Ethics training

I now facilitate NQF approved Corporate Governance and Ethics training (Unit Standard 264400) on behalf of the Business Optimization Training Institute as well as a course on Business Contracts and Service Level Agreements.

In the past 3 months I worked with clients in Lesotho (the new company managing the  dot .ls standard), clients from Kenya, as well as the Development Bank and the Airports Company representing BOTI.

Check out my freelance training services.


Serious Lessons about Apologies

This article in MarketWatch “Kathy Griffin totally offended everyone, but here’s one thing she did right – The comedienne drew widespread condemnation for her ‘decapitated’ Trump photo” offers some real lessons about behavior, actions and apologies. Comedienne Kathy Griffin apologised about a stunt in which she posed with a fake bloody mask designed to look […]

Book Now for My Public Training

Here are the dates for my live events taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa. Training will take place in Randburg at the Hotel Apollo.

NEW – I will shorthy launch my 1st online course called Mitigating and Managing Reputation Risk

If you want to enhance your own reputation and equip yourself with relevant competencies (knowledge, attitudes and skills) these seminars will interest you. As the late Stephen Covey referred to in his seminal work – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – “You must keep your saw sharpened”.


What will you do when faced with a Crisis?

Imagine when faced with a crisis, your team has to start from a zero-based approach. Is it not better to have a blueprint designed to guide you before, during and after a crisis? A Written Crisis Management and Communication Response plan is essential in today’s always -on, 24/7 world. News and information flow in “real-time” […]

What is Stakeholder Reputation Risk?

What is Stakeholder Reputation Risk and why is it so dangerous? For the past few years, Reputation Risk has featured in all the prominent Risk surveys – always as one of the top three risks facing an institution. One definition of Reputation Risk is that it is the current and prospective impact on earnings and […]

How to Identify Sources of Reputation Risk Using a Checklist

Definitions, Examples and Application of Knowledge

With Reputation Risk inherent in just about all processes in a company, Reputation and Risk Managers sometimes find it difficult to determine where the sources of reputation risk resides. Not only can these risks be unpredictable but they are also extremely varied in nature due to the uniqueness of each company. However I would like […]