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Deon Binneman is an international Keynote speaker, Professional Facilitator and Trainer with superb platform skills, who has wowed audiences in 16 countries with hard-hitting, well researched, topical, entertaining messages and insights on business and personal reputation.

He is a corporate management advisor, executive coach and thought leader who has been assisting companies and individuals to build, sustain and protect their reputations since 1996.

Deon advises on all things reputation whether country, city, industry, profession, corporate or business or individual focused. He challenges and educate management teams on why Reputation is their most important asset and yet, most dangerous risk.

Deon focuses specifically on reputation management & leadership training, the training of Boards and Executives on how to manage crises, issues, corporate responsibility and stakeholder matters as well as the training of Business Development managers and Consulting Practice owners on how to market their professional and consulting services.

Deon has served numerous clients in all industries of the private and public sector in 15 countries the past 20 years. He regularly conducts Reputation, Communication and Crises Management training, chairs and, speaks and facilitates at management conferences and in-house strategic events.

What Deon has to offer:

Superb Platform Skills- I have spoken and facilitated at more than hundred events in 15 countries the past 20 years, addressing audiences about Reputation related matters. I have spoken at events such as the Global and Southern African Institute of Internal Auditors annual conferences on four occasions, four times at the Compliance Institute’s Annual Conference – asked back by popular demand – mostly on Reputation Risk. Organizers rate my services highly and I am renowned for working with them to achieve favorable outcomes.  See testimonials.

Extensive Management Training, Lecturing and Facilitation Experience – I facilitate a wide range of my own training seminars, courses and workshops covering subjects such as Managing Reputation, Mitigating Reputation Risk, Stakeholder Reputation Management, Crisis Leadership and Issues management as well as Professional Services Marketing. I have facilitated courses for clients in 15 countries and currently lecture and facilitate on selected Senior Management Development programs at the GIBS – The Gordon Institute of Business Science on subjects such as Stakeholder & Relationship Management. I have trained more than 800 executives in Stakeholder Reputation Management since 2006 and have facilitated Health & Safety training for more than 19 years on behalf of Scott-Safe, an ISO 14000 OHASA Compliance company, training managers in Health & Safety

Multiskilled Knowledge – I am multiskilled, a life-long learner, a voracious reader and a graduate of Henley Management College (UK) and the Graduate Institute of Management and Technology and the Nelson Mandela University and hold qualifications in Public Relations, Strategic Management, Strategic Human Resources Management, Occupational Health and Safety and Governance, Risk and Ethics. I have attended and completed more than fifty short courses ranging from NLP to critical thinking subjects and pride myself on my uncanny ability to stay up to date and informed about latest issues and developments.

Extensive Reputation and Crisis Management Consulting Experience– I have provided advice the past 20 years on a wide range of corporate reputation and crisis management matters inc. life safety crises, recalls, reputation risk and stakeholder issues including:

  • Providing Strategic Advice to Statistics SA during the 2011 South African Census (The count of more than 53 million citizens) before, during and after the project;
  • Providing Strategic Advice and crisis plan simulation training for ATNS – Air Traffic Navigation Services during the Soccer World Cup – which was SA’s biggest sporting tournament to date (same scale as the Olympics);
  • Providing Strategic Advice to SA’s largest telecommunications company Vodacom on how to develop and embed a reputation risk profile dimension into their Enterprise Wide Risk Management system

Thought Leadership – Since 1977, I have had many articles published in trade, business and consumer publications and on websites; some of these with a focus on public relations or other professional topics, while others address topical issues of the day. I have written a chapter on Consultancy Marketing published by Prentice Hall in Professor Charles Frombrun and Mark D. Nevins book – The Advice Business: Essential Tools and Models for Management Consulting and I am the editor of my own newsletter, Powerlines – a Newsletter on Strategic Reputation insights which is read by more than 16, 000 international and local readers.

My Past – Prior to my solo career, I worked as an Organizational Development Consultant and as a Corporate Affairs and Training Adviser to small businesses. I served in the South African Medical Services (Armed Forces) as a medical instructor and management support staff member at a variety of locations, including the Institute for Aviation Medicine.

To contact me  – I am easy to get in touch with. Email me at deonbin@icon.co.za, call me on 27 011 4753515 or Mobile +27 0834254318, Tweet me on @deonbinneman or Skype me – deonbin, or connect with me via various social networks.

I look forward in helping and sharing learning experiences with you.

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