Join me at the Marketing your Consulting Practice and Expertise workshop 10 December in Johannesburg

I’m writing to invite you to a very special interactive workshop, to boost your marketing efforts for your professional service and consulting practice.

The workshop “How to Market your Consulting Practice and Expertise”, is happening Wednesday 10 December at the Apollo Hotel in Ferndale. The Goal of the workshop: To Market your Consulting Practice and Expertise Successfully and Elegantly, helping you – saving you time and money.

This intensive one- day workshop is based on more than 25 years of international and local research amongst consultants, professional service providers and business development managers, and takes an in-depth look at what works and doesn’t work in professional services and consulting marketing. It incorporates the latest thinking on Social networking and inbound marketing, and will help you to plan for 2015 and make it a bumper year.

The explosion of new technologies and tools, have changed the landscape of consulting and professional services marketing. Couple that with issues of competitiveness, marketing noise, the downturn in the economy, the importance of reputation and lack of trust and questions start to arise such as -

• How do you market yourself and become the trusted name in a noisy, competitive and difficult market?
• How do you ensure that your Name, your Brand is the decision maker’s Nr. 1 choice?
• How do you market your services using the tried and tested methods and new technologies like Social Media?

On the 10th December I will facilitate an action-packed workshop in Johannesburg that will answer these questions and many more. Using research from the past 25 years gleaned from the experiences of thousands of successful consultants and professional service providers and incorporating the latest Social Media Marketing research, I will provide you with tips, strategies and frameworks to develop and design your own successful marketing plan for your consulting practice and area of expertise.

If you are new consultant, a seasoned professional services provider, a business practice and/or business development manager or a junior associate hoping to become a senior partner in the business, or just interested to gain knowledge of practical do it yourself marketing techniques; this workshop is ideal for your learning needs.

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10 Lessons from the Nano Seconds Crisis Response workshop


Recently I hosted and facilitated a Nano-seconds Crisis Response workshop in Johannesburg. For those who could not make it, here are 10 lessons that we discussed and dissected. Lesson 1: Planning for Real-time Response is vital. In an era where information flows 24/7 real-time response is crucial. A Paramedic arrives on a scene, checks out […]

I will facilitate a Health & Safety workshop for OHASA Representatives at CTrack (Digicore) on the 8th October. This workshop equips Health & Safety representatives to be effective and functioning members of their company’s OHASA committee.

I am also an experienced Health & Safety consultant and have facilitated Health & Safety training for more than 18 years on behalf of Scott-Safe, an ISO 14000 OHSA Compliance company as a side interest and passion of mine. 20 years ago I trained with the Mining Engineers that orchestrated the well publicized underground mining accident rescue in Chile.

Couple that with 6 years as a Medical Instructor in the Armed Forces in the early part of my career and the rest of my consulting work the past 18 years – Strategic PR/Crisis/ Reputation Risk and I believe I have a grasp of things from another angle in any crisis.




Date: October 8, 2014—January 1, 1970
Time: 09.00 am
Event: Health & Safety Training for Representatives for CTrack (Digicore)
Topic: Health & Safety for Representatives
Sponsor: Scott-Safe
Venue: Ctrack Training Centre
Location: 5 Regency Drive, Route 21 Corporate Park, Irene
South Africa
Public: Private

I am excited about being a presenter at the MTN Corporate Affairs Forum, Fairway Hotel on the 9th October. I will be speaking about “How to be an Effective Corporate Affairs Executive”; an event that will be attended by all the MTN Corporate Affairs Executives from across the Globe.

Date: October 9, 2014
Event: MTN Corporate Affairs Forum
Topic: How to be an Effective Corporate Affairs Executive
Sponsor: MTN
Venue: The Fairway Hotel
Location: Golf and Spa Resort. Setperk Street, Randpark (Randpark Golf Club), Randburg
Randburg, Johannesburg
South Africa
Public: Private

Talk doesn’t cook rice!!!- A Vietnamese Proverb

Words are empty. Actions speak louder than words. In the field of Reputation Management this is so true. The actions and behaviors of management either add or distract from building reputation.

Always Watch Out For Reputation Erosion

Always watch out for reputation erosion.

Reputation is built from the thousands of small interactions that happen with individual customers day after day. Reputation can suffer “death by a thousand cuts” and no one would notice.

Hence its always important to map a stakeholder’s journey with an institution such as a bank and define all contact points and moments of truth.

Deon Binneman to speak at the AIG Casualty Recall Seminar in Cape Town

I will be the keynote speaker at the AIG Casualty Recall seminar to be held at Century City, Cape Town on the 29th August. The title of my presentation: “How to Plan for and Manage a Product Recall Crisis”. This is a follow-on of the successful seminars held in Johannesburg and Pretoria late last year.

Recalls are costly, time consuming and can damage reputation severely. Read this for more information.