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Your Reputation Is Your Most Precious Asset And Dangerous Risk!

How you Build it, Sustain and Protect it is my business.

For the past 23 years, Reputation has been my business, and my passion. I advise Companies, Countries, Professions, Cities, Executives and Individuals on how they can build and protect reputation and minimize damage to their good names, also called Reputation risk – a risk regularly mentioned in many surveys as one of the top three risks that organizations and individuals face worldwide.

I demonstrate my passion by speaking about Reputation at events – challenging leaders about how to manage and protect this valuable asset and mitigate this dangerous risk, and I have done so in 17 countries. I build capacity through content sharing, and educating and equipping audiences and readers with valuable thought leadership insights and tips through workshops, advice and facilitating training courses.

Mr. Warren Buffet’s famous words best describe what I communicate and do: “It takes 20 years to build a Reputation and only 5 minutes to destroy it, and, if you understand that you will do things differently”.

If you need more advice or assistance, just call me. I am ready to help and assist you to do things differently.