Always Watch Out For Reputation Erosion

Always watch out for reputation erosion.

Reputation is built from the thousands of small interactions that happen with individual customers day after day. Reputation can suffer “death by a thousand cuts” and no one would notice.

Hence its always important to map a stakeholder’s journey with an institution such as a bank and define all contact points and moments of truth.

Deon Binneman to speak at the AIG Casualty Recall Seminar in Cape Town

I will be the keynote speaker at the AIG Casualty Recall seminar to be held at Century City, Cape Town on the 29th August. The title of my presentation: “How to Plan for and Manage a Product Recall Crisis”. This is a follow-on of the successful seminars held in Johannesburg and Pretoria late last year.

Recalls are costly, time consuming and can damage reputation severely. Read this for more information.

How Inclusive is your Stakeholder profiling?

A thought provoking article in the Huffington Post called “ Even Companies That Sell Tampons Are Run By Men” got me thinking. How inclusive are your Stakeholder Profiling efforts? The King 3 Code on Corporate Governance makes specific mention of stakeholder inclusivity (i.e. that the legitimate interests and expectations of stakeholders are considered when deciding […]

Values need to be driven by the Board

  A New Report from the UK Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) found that Boards need to set and maintain company values. The author writes that “Culture affects a company’s ability to generate value. A strong culture makes for sustainable value creation. A weak one can destroy the business overnight. This why is boards must […]

Latest Reputation Research offers Important Lessons about Convergence and Responsibility

A Roundup of latest research has revealed some interesting findings for Reputation Managers: 1. Reputation risk management is becoming an important management consideration. New research from UK law firm Schillings reveal that Reputation risk management is moving up the corporate agenda, with almost two-thirds (63 percent) of senior executives—including communications directors, heads of legal, CEOs […]

One Crisis always lead to another within 30 Days

A Company who has a crisis is up to 75% more likely to experience another crisis within 30 days. Why? Lack of response and addressing stakeholder misperceptions can add to the woes, but more often than not, heightened scrutiny and/or inspections by the authorities tend to reveal more shortcomings. Shortcomings in strategy, processes, standards and […]

Why your Marketing must be Consistent and Indirect

In the book “High Income Consulting” by the late Tom Lambert, the author had the following to say:

“The so – called window of opportunity is open only briefly as an organisation’s priorities change. When a potential client recognizes the need for services which you supply, yours must be the name they know. Your marketing, therefore, must be CONSISTENT and INDIRECT, aimed specifically at making you well known to ALL your prospective clients”.

In my years of helping business owners and professionals discover ways to grow their business, I’ve seen many who sat around waiting for rain. They would wait by the phone, hoping a prospective client would call or come to the business. Their attitude seemed to be a combination of passive hope and resignation. They hope someone will do business with them. They hope that others will initiate contact with them. They seem resigned to whatever business floated their way.

Others, including some of the most successful, took positive action “to make it rain”. These are the ones who made calls, ran ads, got out of the office to make their own contacts. Through their activity, these business professionals created opportunities for new business.

Marketing by definition is a system implying that it should be all of the above. You have to find methods that will work for you in the long term and in the short term, using vehicles ranging from public speaking engagements to suitable audiences to using Social Media to your own advantage.

My Marketing your Consulting Practice workshop on the 27th June will provide ample opportunity for consultants to deepen their learning as marketing strategists and strengthen their consultancy marketing skills.

On the 27th June, I will facilitate my Marketing your Consulting Practice and Expertise workshop. This workshop is ideal whether you are new consultant, a seasoned professional services provider, a business practice and/or business development manager or a junior associate hoping to become a senior partner in the business, or just interested to gain knowledge of practical do it yourself marketing techniques.

This intensive one- day workshop is based on more than 25 years of international and local research amongst consultants, professional service providers and business development managers, and takes an in-depth look at what works and doesn’t work in professional services and consulting marketing. It incorporates the latest thinking on social networking and inbound marketing, and it’s goal is to help you market your consulting practice and expertise successfully and elegantly, helping you – saving you time and money.

Date: September 19, 2014
Time: 8.30
Event: Marketing a Consulting Practice
Sponsor: Deon Binneman
27 11 4753515
Venue: Protea Hotel, Midrand
Location: Midrand, Johannesburg
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